Windows Terminal: Disable Cursor Blink

Windows Terminal brings good user experience and becomes very popular in software developers world also. However, it’s not perfect because it’s “new”. For example, there is no configuration option to disable cursor blink which is not popular for software developers working in terminal development. This article is to tell some workarounds to disable cursor blink in Windows Terminal.

Photo by Kevin Horvat on Unsplash

1. To disable cursor blink in PowerShell

No good way to do this except for changing blink speed to the lowest in Control Panel:

Windows Key + S
Keyboard properties
Cursor flashing speed

Drag the arrow to NO to disable cursor blink.

2. To disable cursor blink in Bash/Linux Shell

Run below command in bash session:

echo "\e[2 q"

About how to change cursor shape in Windows Terminal. Please check Microsoft Docs site:

"defaults": {
"cursorShape": "filledBox"

That’s it! Happy reading and happy coding! Thanks!



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